The Problem with Asbestos and How to Solve It

Asbestos is fibrous synthetic that was used in building materials for a number of years due to its high heat resistance. Unfortunately, it was discovered in the 1980's that Asbestos is linked to number of fatal cancers and lung diseases, therefore creating a need for any building materials containing the substance to be removed and replaced. 


Yes. Even short-term exposure to the airborne fibres can cause permanent damage to your body. When the building materials remain undisturbed you may not be in any risk, but once they have been disturbed in the slightest this synthetic material can be released into the air within a residential or industrial building.

Construction has changed a lot since the 80's, meaning all modern products do not include Asbestos, a substance which has been banned from use in building by most governments including in New Zealand. Building which were constructed before 2000 have a risk of containing Asbestos. 


Materials containing Asbestos vary, but can include cement, tiles, decorative coating, insulation, and much more. There is no way to tell by looking at the materials, although it is possible to conduct testing to check for the presence of the fibrous minerals. Professional demolition companies with a proper Asbestos removal service will be able to assist in the testing of your building materials to ensure to safety of everyone who stays within the building. If the materials are undisturbed and unbroken, they do not pose an immediate risk. 

However, it is still a good idea to know in order to take the necessary measures to get rid of the materials in the future. A full house demolition is not necessary, but some demolition might be needed depending on what is containing the substance. 


Asbestos removal is a tricky process that must be handled carefully and completely so as to avoid issues for the workers carrying out the removal as well as those residing or working in the building itself. You should only hire a company with a licensed Asbestos tile removal crew to do this service.

Whether it's a residence or a place of work, licensed and certified companies will be able to test for Asbestos materials and remove all those which contain the fibres before they have the chance to become damaged and cause health problems for those exposed to it. Not all removal companies have the same safety practices, so it's important that the one you select is trustworthy and has a good reputation.

Asbestos is not present in every home or business in New Zealand, but those which do contain the material should receive the services to remove it as soon as possible before it has a chance to create problems. Advanced Demolition performs certified, professional Asbestos removal in Auckland at both home residences and businesses. They operate in the Auckland and Northland areas of New Zealand.

If you have the suspicion that your residence or your business might contain Asbestos building materials, don't wait until they have a chance to cause your or your staff any health issues. Log on to www.advanceddemolition.co.nz today to get the process started now.

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